Property Buyer’s Agents in Barcelona

We specialize in finding and acquiring exceptional homes and investment property for discerning clients in Barcelona and whereabouts.

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As Buyer’s Agents, we provide expert and impartial advice to secure the finest Property acquisition on the best possible terms.

We understand the complex challenges property buyers face seeking properties in Spain. Our service eliminates these frustrations whilst providing access to the best real estate available off-market, pre-market and open market with ease.

We are an independent company with three generations expertise focussed in providing the best real estate solutions for our customers.

You will take advantage of our local knowledge of the sector and experience in buying, selling and even developing multifamily homes.

Our area of ​​influence covers the city of Barcelona and the best locations close to the city: Maresme, prime areas of Baix LLobregat, Sitges and luxury locations on the Costa Brava.

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View the best first

Due to our local network of brokers and developers, we have access to an increasing number of sales that never appear in the open market. Especially, Luxury and singular properties tend to be marketed discreetly.

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Your time is Valuable

We use your time as efficiently as possible. With our work and expertise, you will succeed in acquiring the finest luxury property, dedicating less time and resources. Finding the best is a full-time job.

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Pay the best price

We will always ensure you pay the best price possible in line with market conditions. Using our experience, we will agree on a strategy, then negotiate on your behalf. In most cases, our service pays for itself in savings from the asking price.

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Legal Security

As local Real Estate experts, we know that legal security is essential in a purchase. We verify all the legal and urban aspects that affect the Property. We draft all the contracts that are required until the sale is made public.

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We act discreetly on your behalf. We ensure your identity is not part of the negotiations or the headlines if you need it.

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Objective advice

RealEstate·Barcelona is a totally independent company with no conflicts of interest. As Property Buyer’s Agents, we team with you and defend your interests.

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