Property Search and Acquisition

As buyer’s agents, we offer a full range of services to make the Property buying process as effortless and easy as possible.

No matter if you intend to buy a home or invest in commercial properties, we will find the right option for  you.

 Our area of ​​influence covers the city of Barcelona and the best locations close to the city: Maresme, prime areas of Baix LLobregat, Sitges and luxury locations on the Costa Brava.

We cover every stage of the process, from Property search to moving. Besides we may recomend our advisors and service providers at every step if required. These include lawyers, mortgage brokers, tax advisors, interior designers or architects.

The Process

The first stage is to learn about you, your requirements, and objectives. We will also explain how we work and how we tailor our service to suit you. We will fix a Budget according to your requirements, market conditions and chosen areas. Furthermore, we may suggest other locations that may be suitable based on your preferences.

Detailed Brief

We will complete a detailed brief of what you like, and you don’t like. We gather information about your requirements according to your lifestyle. We will discuss further considerations about the property that might be taken into account.

The Property Search

We will start exploring all options available at this moment, both on and off-market, through estate agents and our extensive network of industry contacts.


Once visited and inspected, we will present you a selection of suitable properties. We will provide you with objective advice on each Property and highlight any potential issues.


Once you have decided which is the most suitable option, we will make a thorough research to establish the current market value of the selected Property with official registry data, and market research. We will then discuss the offer and acquisition strategy before entering negotiations to ensure you know what to expect at every stage of the process.

The Contract

Once the offer is accepted, we will initiate the purchase process. We will coordinate all actors involved, estate agents, finance providers, notary to ensure a successful transaction.

Our Services

Our commitment to our clients does not stop when you receive the keys at completion. We will help you in contracting all the services related to your property: water, electricity, gas, alarms, etc.

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