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Gracia Festival: when the streets of Gracia come to life

Gracia Festival: when the streets of Gracia come to life

The Gracia neighborhood festivities are one of the great events of the month of August in Barcelona. Each of the streets are filled with color and art, making them totally transformed thanks to the participation of the neighbors since they are the ones who decorate each of the streets. The Gracia Festival is considered one of the most beautiful, festive and most welcoming street festivals in all of Barcelona. 

Gracia Festival Barcelona: Decorated street, food and shows 

The festival takes place in the streets of the Gracia neighborhood, which is located 20 minutes walk from the city center and stands out for being a relaxed, bohemian neighborhood with a great atmosphere in its plazas. 

The main thing that happens in the Gracia festival is the street decoration contest. In this way, we could say that the festival consists mainly of a competition between the streets of the neighborhood which compete, decorating each of the streets with the greatest creativity possible. After the festival is over, the best decorated street is chosen, which takes the title of the “best decorated street”. Each of the streets chooses the theme of its area and depending on this, they decorate the streets with many different elements. 


Gracia Festival streets decorations
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While you walk, you will not only be able to enjoy the great decoration of the streets but you will also be able to enjoy numerous food stalls in the streets so that you can taste typical food from the city of Barcelona and other gastronomies. The vast majority of bars and restaurants move their premises to the street in order to offer a great variety of food to all those who visit the streets of the Gracia neighborhood for long days.  


In addition, throughout the day you can enjoy numerous and different activities for children, families and friends. Finally, throughout the day you can also enjoy live music by different groups and artists until the night begins where this intensifies and there is more of a youth party atmosphere. 

Dates, program and keys facts about the Gracia Festival

Due to the current situation produced by the Covid-19 this year 2020, the Gracia party could not be celebrated in the same way we are used to. Even so, the different festivities have been adapted to the new normal so that if they could continue enjoying the Gracia festivities. Normally, the Festival of Gracia lasts for one week and is usually the second week of August, that is, from August 15. 

Gracia Festival: people enjoying the decorated streets
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Human Towers: a real spectacle!

During the Gracia festival, another of the things you can enjoy is the Human Towers or known in Catalonia as “castellers”. It is a tradition of several regions and therefore the castellers show is also included in the Gracia festivities.


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